They Don't Want You

by Charlie Mess

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They Don't Want You is a concept album, detailing the frustration you feel when you're trapped in an awful situation, and how that situation can still present itself even after you have escaped.

It is also the sound of isolation

Recorded by myself and myself alone in my bedroom using audacity


released June 11, 2016

Vocals, Guitar, Recording, Percussion (hitting my computer with my hands)- Charlie Mess




Charlie Mess Chicago, Illinois

Charlie Mess really can't sing, but he does anyway

Charlie Mess is originally from Columbus, Ohio, and moved to the Chicago, Illinois area because (as you can probably tell by listening to his debut album) he hated living in Columbus. ... more

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Track Name: Us
Everything is normal
You're just like us
You're not a monster
You're just one of us

What were you thinkin' of?
What did you expect? What kind of love?
Have you lost faith in God above?
Or just in us?

Work for your future
Work for your grades
Work till they tell you
You've made the grade


Everything will work out
Everything will end
Everything will work out
For your friends
Track Name: Gonna
Don't pretend that you care
I don't wanna see you anywhere
There isn't anybody near
I'm alone in the night air

I feel it right now
There's a beacon through the fear
You're in my head now
I hope you suffocate in there

Now you say it's all my fault
You say I caused it all
Well I'm not perfect, yeah I've got flaws
But you sealed me in these walls

You can't make me
No, that's my call
You can't take me
I won't see you at all

It feels like this won't end
It feels like it's gonna be everything
Whether I'm a peasant or a king
Will I forget everybody that I've seen

I'll make that world
I'll be there 'fore the day is through
I'll make that world
Gonna keep it from you
Track Name: Columbus
Who are you?
How long have I been here?
Do I know you?
I've been here too many years
Without a purpose
Ain't my home, but it's where I'm raised
I'm gettin' nervous
With all these wasted days

I don't belong here
I don't fit in
In the city where I was born
Every day I'm alone again

Now I'm here
Without a life, without a dime
And I fear
That I'll remain stuck in time
Far from home
The home I dream of everyday
'Cause it ain't here
Where I'm meant to stay


I ain't seen much
Outside this familiar pit
But I need so much
To find out how to leave it
I can't begin
I can't get out and live for once
This city's a stranger
That I'm close enough to touch
Track Name: Worthless Like You
I see you
What can I do
When you think that you're above me?
I see you
I see right through
The lies you tell yourself about me

You all say that I'm nothin'
Yeah, then I guess it's true
But my new enemy, I'll tell you somethin'
I'm just worthless like you

You look at me
Like I can't see
The face you make when I'm in the room
You don't look at me
Don't distract me
Just seal me in my room

Track Name: More
And we're all goin'' nowhere fast
and I feel our time here has already past

As I stand here workin'
Wastin' all my time
I dream of leavin'
This place behind


As I sit here in this house
Full of bad memories
I think (dream (drink)) about the world
That I've never seen


As I shuffle around
With a dead look in my eyes
I think about everyone here
Tellin' all their lies


My country hates me
Of this I'm sure
'Cause they told me in this life
I'd be so much more


Money killed my dreams
And shattered all my hope
Now I'm barely hangin' on
To the end of my rope

Track Name: When
Here I stand
Just a stranger in my homeland
Just a nobody without a plan
Yeah, I know I am

And there's a dream I know that I can reach
Gotta practice just what I preach
I can't listen to what they teach
God I hope I ain't too weak

My time is fading
And all the while you know they're instigating
Oh God I am so tired of waiting
To get away from everything I'm hating

And there's a world beyond this lonely cage
God I can't wait to turn the page
I see the doors closing as I age
God I can't wait for the day

When I'm free
When I can be me
When will they see?
Track Name: I'm Off to Find Me
What will I find there?
What will I see?
Will my fears and doubts
Just get the best of me?
Will everybody there
Just ignore me?
Or will I find my home?
Oh God, what will be?

Will I sit alone?
Will I cry?
Will they come true
Everybody's lies?
Will I be satisfied
With what I find?
I need my life to start
Oh fate, please be kind

Will I fit in?
Or will I fail?
Will I have something
Actually real?
I'm gonna learn
I'm gonna feel
'Cause anything is better
Than from where I hail
Track Name: They Don't Want You
They don't want you here and they don't want you there
They don't want you bald they don't want you with hair
They don't want you short and they don't want you tall
They don't want you at all

They don't want your time and they don't want your place
They don't like your smile and they don't like your face
They made you feel sad yeah they made you feel smal
They don't want you at all

(repeat 1st verse)

Why do you try?
Yeah Why don't you learn?
Why do you fail?
Yeah why do you burn?
Yeah you just need someone to call
They don't want you at all
Track Name: Void
I can't see you
I can't feel you
I can't be you
I can't heal you

Are you even there at all?
There to save me from them all?
There to tear down all the walls?
Well I cannot hear your call
Track Name: Nonstarter
Little nonstarter, it's time to adjust
Don't be a stranger, just do what you must
Everyone hates you, you're so full of lust
Keep chasing visions that look just like us

If it's fake
It's not too late
Just be great
We will wait
(repeat chorus)

But you who are nothing, the same as before
We're up on a pedestal just like before
No, we don't see you; you're hoping for more
But there's no one here to show you the door

(chorus 2x)

So keep up the bad work and maybe you'll find
That all your persistence was no waste of time
You'll see it was beautiful wasting your life
On people who don't really care if you die

(chorus 2x)

Your heart will be open to so many things
Your body will only get use in your dreams
Your hands will be busy collecting these scenes
While your mind it will wonder just what might have been

(chorus 2x)

And when it is over, yeah when you are gone
Will you be angry that it took so long
To find out just who is right and who's wrong?
Oh little nonstarter it's time to belong

(chorus 4x)

For you to hate