by Charlie Mess

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Album 2 is complete, and it's chock full of noisy lo-fi imperfections and lines that I don't always love hearing, but needed to be said. This is not a manifesto of any kind, rather it is a portrait of the places the mind and ego can go when one is angry or lonely or desperate. It's very much the next step in relation to my first album. Where the first one is about realizing just what kind of mess I'm in, this one is me accepting that mess, and accepting that I have no choice but to accept it.


released January 5, 2017

Charlie Mess-Vocals, guitar, "percussion", production, engineering




Charlie Mess Chicago, Illinois

Charlie Mess really can't sing, but he does anyway

Charlie Mess is originally from Columbus, Ohio, and moved to the Chicago, Illinois area because (as you can probably tell by listening to his debut album) he hated living in Columbus. ... more

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Track Name: Not Human
I sit alone in a room
Where I can't control the heat
What a life I might share
With the people I won't meet
All these things that I ask me
They don't get me anywhere
Just a futon in a pig sty
While I quickly lose my hair

I've lost the will to go on
Unless it's just to make you mad
It's not my problem you don't like me
I'm not the one of us who's bad
What's desire, what is hope
When you just won't pay attention?
I'm really just like you
It's something I might have mentioned

Cut me off and make me fail
I'll probably be here next week
Trying, desperate for approval
Wish I won't, but I'm weak
Like a robot I'm not human
Programmed to get your time
Or like a laboratory accident
Trying for a normal life

There's nothing I can teach you
Except to contradict yourself
When nobody wants you
And no one wants to help
Track Name: Average
I walked down the street
I could not relate
To the couples
And to the squads
And to the people
In the houses

I sat down at the bar and looked up
No one else did
I thought of everything I wanted to say
I thought of every reason not to

There was a girl
And another
And another
But there was a phone
Between us
And another
Reason not to

I was at school
I was at the store
I was at the bar
I may have just stayed home
I may have just slept in
I may have just lived in my nightmares
I may have just gave up
Shut up
Lied down
Tuned out
I may have just given in
Sold my soul
I am average
What you say
I am not
Track Name: I Can Smile
And I got nothin' much to do
Gonna sit here and wonder who
Who's gonna get inside my head?
I could go out but they think I'm dead

And it's not gonna be today
Jut gotta find the words to say
And you won't listen anyway
So Avert your eyes while I decay

Scan the screen for signs of life
Microwave dinner, oh what a night!
But I can smile all the same
Somewhere in the move I lost all shame


And as I lay down to sleep
Television's my friend, I guess I'm a sheep
Wake up next morning, nothing's changed
Just a day older, feeling the same

Track Name: A Piece I Can't Master
Boy I hope this hasn't been done before
Track Name: Nightschlubbing
Tryin' to fit in in a room full of people that I'm better than
And I don't give a damn anymore
And I don't give a damn

Some yuppie scum thinks his salary makes him a better man
And I don't have a plan anymore
And I don't have a plan

Just a dead man moving my feet on the sales floor
Still have the moral high ground
Over classist college kids

Wish I weren't so desperate not to walk out the door
Now you got me on the low ground
Just looking for a kiss

I hate you like you hate the clothes I wear
Still have the moral high ground
Over high fashion pricks

Trying to believe that somebody here
Will turn my llife upside down
But they all think I'm sick
Track Name: I Am the Law
I know better than the assholes up on Capitol Hill
I know better than the family that does to me what it will
I know better than the preacher tellin' me not to fuck
I know better than a redneck with a gun and a truck

I am the law
I am the law

I know better than a billionaire not payin' his dues
I know better than the system settin' people up to lose
I know better than the assholes who inhabit my home
I know better than a country that fucks over its own

I am the law
I am the law
Track Name: Spew
I'm gonna be some (x7)
I am not a friend

Try for your eyes
Try for your time
Try to fit in
Try to stand out
I'm so tired
I'm so tired
I'm gonna be some
I am not a friend

Not mine (x15)
You don't mind

(repeat verse 1)
Track Name: Return of the Flightless Bird
Track Name: 20 Minutes at the Lake
Standing at the shore
Wanting something more
Feeling like a whore
Looking for an open door

It was colder than on the street
As the sand covered my feet
The feeling of belonging meets
My desire to feel complete

The lake reminds me why I'm here
The crashing waves that meet my ear
I wanna rinse away my fear
To feel it take away those years