Double Space

by Charlie Mess

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released July 5, 2017

Charlie Mess-Everything




Charlie Mess Chicago, Illinois

Charlie Mess really can't sing, but he does anyway

Charlie Mess is originally from Columbus, Ohio, and moved to the Chicago, Illinois area because (as you can probably tell by listening to his debut album) he hated living in Columbus. ... more

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Track Name: Under
It's under
Never began
Never worried
Never planned

Someone I don't know
Ran to me
And gaver their life to the cause

Now I know
Clear to me
I don't wanna be the boss

Under the sky
A place in the sand
In a hurry
Part of a plan

Gone is the one
Who calls you by name
Remember what was

When it's done
No more fame
It was because

It's under
Track Name: Rhyme
A clean room, a dirty mind
A life that suits you, your own design
Love is vile, but is it blind?
An empty meaning, wordsv that rhyme

Don't want the answers
Just want your time
And I'm the only one I find
(end chorus)

Another week without a fuck
Another day pressing my luck
Another lifetime that I'm stuck
Stuff that costs a hundred bucks


A riff that's always in my head
Keeps me up when I'm in bed
Remembering all that I said
Verse-chorus should be dead

Track Name: While I Wait
The psychic sees what he wants to see
He sees the nothing inside of me
A left hand wife and a dirty dream
A life of gazing at a screen

Myself is dead to me
I am not what I see
I cannot let this be
Do I want to be free?
(end chorus)

The woman of my dreams is gone
She fades into this song
And everything is wrong
I don't care what's beyond

Track Name: Have a Whinge on Me
Track Name: True Love Hates
Demo me
Send me out to sea
Promise me
That we'll never be
In a place
Which we both condemn
The place we love
Is really just the same

I don't love you
You don't love me
Fuck our friends
And fuck our family
(end chorus)

True love hates
Please fucking leeave
I won't be
What you won't see

( chorus)

They say love will save us (x3)
But who will save them?
Track Name: I Bang on Shoeboxes, I Can't Drum
(just ramble about banging on shoeboxes and not being able to drum, and throw in a "listen to me go" somewhere)
Track Name: Innovate to Fail
Do I plan to fail?
Can anybody see?
I don't have a lesson
Just a riff and a dream

Pour over words that say nothing
If that's what you wanna do
But these words that say nothing
Is what I wanna do

The floor is clean
The bugs are dead
I wanna live
Inside my head

Now you're gone, I don't know who you are
Please forget me when you are a star
Sleep easy, for I've lost my thoughts
Another city, another life without a shot

And the day I die will be nothing at all
If the world is big, why do I feel small
Everybody wants a minute in the sun
But it won't matter when it's done

Messed up, I say my piece
But we don't care what we see
Repeated phrases that get nowhere
While the world stops and stares

But I don't really have to feel
Count the minutes till my next meal
A death march I don't have to like
Count the minutes till I die

A glass half full on my nightstand
A sad slacker looks for a band
A place of dreams we never have
Nothing good and nothing bad
Track Name: Not Titled
Smile so sweetly
Without feeling
And I hate these
Social dealings
And my mind's set
I don't want it
I can't forget
What I regret

The end has come, but it's not done
Just a break between the suns
A game that they've already won
A knife faced off against a gun
Another day for me to see
Just what has become of me
Seen it for eternity
What's different is what you could be

I don't want to
Be the one who
Won't know what to do
Or how to know you
Smile so sweetly
Without feeling
And I hate these
Social dealings
Track Name: Damage
I could say I lost my mind
But I never had a mind
Will you be my valentine?
One day we both will die
Everything is in my head
Leaving everything unsaid
Desperate enough to be wed
Will it matter when I'm dead?

But for everything I do
Somebody will get so screwed
And when I am lost in space
Will you please forget my face?
But when I am in the ground
Please remember every sound
Everything I wanna do
Everything that eats at you
(end chorus)

And the problem in my brain
Everything makes me ashamed
Wish I could forget my name
You've already done the same
If you wanna go with me
You will have to make me see
Everything you see in me
Anything that I could be